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Plastic containers
are used in different areas of your company. Quite frequently they will be used to transport heavy loads of unpacked food.
Health and safety are relevant to most of the transportation processes. Finally products that are packed in the container must be well protected. With all those requirements it is important to have a close look into the product specifications of the plastic container before pucrchasing them. Almost each product type was developed for a different application.  Plastic packaging suppliers that do not show any specifications don not fulfill them mostly

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All relevant information is shown directly in the product description. For mor complex questions we will deliver the answers immediatelly. Please call us if you have any further questions.

ESD Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Genteso ESD Range
DynamicLoad:  load on a forklift with an evenly distributed load at a room temperature of approx. 20 °C.
Racking load In racking system: evenly distributed load (sacks) along the longitudinal sides. Resting on two supports for over 100 h at a room temperature of approx. 20°C
Static load  resistance to pressure on a flat ground surface and an evenly distributed load at a room temperature of approx. 20 °C.
Export pallet Export pallets are light plastic palettes that are typically used once. In many countries no wooden pallets may be imported for hygiene reasons as a product carrier. Therefore plastic export palettes are used. Export pallets
Display pallets Display palette are light nestable pallets. Mainly used to present products in stores such as shops and supermarkets. They have often also mounting options for advertising panels. Display pallets
Pallet boxes

Pallet boxes (also called palox or big-boxes) are large volume containers with combination of the properties of a pallet and a large bin. These can be easily moved or transported with forklift or pallet-jack. Pallet boxes

Dusseldorfer pallet

Düsseldorfer pallets have dimensions 800 x 600 mm and are mostly used in the distribution and in smaller spaces due to the ideal manipulation (4-way) Dusseldorf pallets

4-way pallet A pallet that can be taken or lifted along the 4 sides.
Food approved

Plastic bins and pallets that come into contact with food must comply with stringent hygiene requirements and standards. Contraload has a range of containers and palettes that are specifically suitable for the food industry, certificates that prove this are available.

Recyclate, regenerates, Mix, recycled material Plastic products are environmentally friendly and can easily be reused or recycled. There are many ways for the recycling of plastic. Depending on the use, pallets can be made in recycled material. The properties can be different from those in pure material.
Safety edge or Rim

These are small rims on the 4 sides of a pallet to prevent the boxes, cartons or other loads to slip off. Most rims have a height of 7 mm.

Industry or Block pallets Standard palettes with the basic dimensions 1200 x 1000 mm
Euro pallets Standard palettes with the basic dimensions 1200 x 800 mm
Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene is the most common produced plastic. A distinction is made in LDPE (Low Density polyethylene) and HDPE (High Density polyethylene). HDPE is more wear resistant and tear-resistant than LDPE. Polyethylene is highly resistant to chemicals. Because of safety and good cleaning capabilities, HDPE is very widely used in the food industry.

Polypropylene (PP) Polypropylene is characterized by a high stability and resistance to many chemicals. PP is also non-toxic and safe for the environment during the recycling process. Polypropylene is tougher and more heat-resistant than polyethylene.

Folding Large Container = Faltbare Grossvolume Behälter







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